"A ocupação pré-romana de Faro: alguns dados novos"
Arruda A. M., Bargão P., De Sousa E. ( 2005 )
Revista Portuguesa de Arqueologia, vol. 8, núm. 1, pp. 177-208

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The archaeological diggings that occurred in Faro Archaeological Museum, in the years of 2001 and 2002, revealed some preserved contexts of the so called II Iron Age. More than 100 shreds on Iron Age amphora and Kouass pottery were found in these levels. We were able to identify four different types of amphora, Type of Ramon Torres, type Mañá-Pascual A4, type D and B/C of Pellicer. The association of some of these amphorae, with the Kouass pottery (types II and IX of Niveau) allowed us to establish a close chronology for some of the contexts. The amphora study that we now present, allowed us to identify rhythms and chronologies, that characterize the development of the site’s human occupation, during the Iron Age.
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