"The EPNet Project. Production and distribution of food during the Roman Empire: economics and political dynamics."
Remesal J., Díaz-Guilera A., Rondelli B., Rubio X., Aguilera A., Martín-Arroyo D., Mosca A., Rull G. ( 2015 )
Information Technologies for Epigraphy and Cultural Heritage. Proceedings of the First EAGLE International Conference. Europeana Eagle project. Convegni, Studi umanistici-Antichistica. Sapienza. Università Editrice. pp.455-464.

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The EPNet project aims to examine the framework of the Roman economic organisation and its networks by analysing epigraphical data from amphorae.This aim is to be realised through complex network analysis, model building and computer simulation. The objective is to create an experimental laboratory for the exploration, validation and refutation of historical theories, and theformulation of new ones.
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